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In honor of Henry Hoffman…

Henry Hoffman was a brilliant and unique visionary who lived his career in the PackagingDistribution industry as a salesperson with J. Rabinovitz & Son in Brooklyn, New York.

Henry Hoffman’s charismatic style of leadership enabled him to make J. Rabinovitz & Son one of the leading U.S. distributorships of its kind. His confident, no-nonsense approach to sales fostered better relationships between distributors and manufacturers and dispelled any notion the distributors were simply "middle men".

Mr. Hoffman authored numerous training manuals designed to improve sales teams throughout the industry. He fought for education and training for distributor salespeople and was responsible for the implementation of the NACD Scholarship Program.

Because of his tireless contributions to the PackagingDistribution industry, the NACD Scholarship Program now bears his name.

How can I participate?
All donations to the Henry Hoffman Memorial Scholarship are fully deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the Scholarship is invited to do so. NACD will solicit donations and/or hold various fundraising events throughout the year to continue funding the Scholarship.

Who is eligible?
The Scholarship program is open to those students who have completed their junior year in high school and are children of employees of member companies of NACD. Students must have a 3.0 grade point average and maintain a 2.5 gpa in college. As a pre-requisite for eligibility, a NACD member company must employ one of the applicant’s parents at the time the application is made. All eligible applicants will be considered without regard to race, sex, religion or national origin.

Scholarship applicants will be evaluated and an independent selection committee will choose the scholarship recipients. The selection committee is comprised entirely of persons independent of both NACD member companies and the Association.

Scholarship recipients will be selected based solely on objective standards related to the purposes of the scholarship and will not, except for the initial eligibility requirements, be based on the employment of the applicant’s parents or the company’s line of business. The applicant will be evaluated on objective standards such as past academic performance, performance on tests designated to measure ability and aptitude for higher education, and the applicant’s rank in school.

Recommendations by instructors or other persons unrelated to the candidate, extra-curricular activities and leadership contributions will also be considered.

Scholarship recipients are free to select any course of study that they may choose and accordingly may pursue their educational studies solely for their personal benefit.

Download the 2018 Scholarship Application here and the Counselor Report here. All materials must be postmarked by February 5, 2018.



For more information, contact:

NACD Staff
Phone: 630-942-6585