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Developing Your Package

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There are at least three things you should consider when selecting a new package: What size and shape are right for the product I am packaging? What material do I need? And would I be best served with a stock package or a custom mold?

Container Design

Container design can play an important role in marketing, functionality, cost and strength of package, space requirements in warehouse or truck or store, mechanical stress and carton specification. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of having a package that looks unusual for your market segment, or looks like a traditional packaging solution, and once you have that strategy, we can help you focus on finding the right design.

Container Material Selection

Product integrity is the first responsibility of material selection, and NACD member companies are knowledgeable about the many options available. Each material has its own unique characteristics, and exists in the market because it solves a problem or has its own advantages. Does your bottle need to be squeezable? Do you want to see or hide its contents? What sort of dispensing method do you require? By asking questions and understanding your final application, we can recommend a container material and closure solution that offers a good combination of performance, marketing appeal and costs.

Stock versus Custom

NACD member companies offer a wide variety of stock packaging components, but they can also provide custom designs that give you a distinct package unlike any other. Companies may decide to select from stock items when they have a tight deadline, a firm budget, or relatively small volumes that would not justify the cost and development time for a custom mold. On the other hand, if your packaging requires a unique look or functionality that does not exist from stock options, our member companies can work with you to develop a custom solution. Custom packaging does not have to cost a lot or take many months to develop: Our expertise and wide range of resources means we can often help you make modifications to stock items that suit your needs with little or no tooling cost