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Testing and Early Considerations

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Product/container compatibility testing and shelf life testing are essential to the success of your packaging, and should be considered in the very early stages of your purchasing process. Most container manufacturers place the responsibility of compatibility testing on the company whose product will be going into the bottle, so as the brand owner, you need to understand what materials are compatible with your product, and perform any testing prior to purchasing the components. NACD member companies can guide you through this process to recommend packaging with the highest chances of working with your products – and then arranging for testing to verify the facts.

Filling line tests – including establishing application and removal torques for closures, top load limits for containers, and other performance requirements – are necessary for trouble free filling. Establishment of shipping conditions and road tests of finished product will help in the final package design. We recommend that you undergo filling line tests with the same filling, capping and carton sealing equipment that your fillers will use for your final product. Any issues can then be identified early on, and you can alter your packaging selection if necessary to match your filling scenario.

Typically, the final responsibility for the package lies with the packer. Sometimes there are even accidents, claims and lawsuits. These can be avoided if attention is paid to design and if proper testing is done; product compatibility, shelf life, line, torque, road tests, etc. When problems do arise, your NACD partner can help you navigate the options for a quick resolution of your problem.