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Closure Selection and Design

Closures are no longer simply sealing devices. Flip top dispensing, spray or pump dispensing is widespread. Tamper evidence and child resistance are increasingly important. The closure can enhance the beauty of a package and may often be used as a label. Metal and plastic each offer their own advantages, and one might be superior for your product. Lined and linerless closures offer choices and opportunities for product protection, seal integrity and more. Different plastics use different qualities for different needs.

The closure can be an important marketing aid. It’s a critical part of the package, and should be selected with care. There are many options available, and the NACD works with reliable suppliers to bring you market-leading solutions:

Kandoo Handsoap

Closure Function:
Dispensing • Spray • Pump • Sealing Only • Tamper Evidence •Shrink Bands • Child Resistance

Closure Materials:
Metal • Polypropylene • Phenolic • Urea • Polythylene • Polystyrene • Other

Closure Liner System:
There are numerous liner systems with specific advantages, i.e., coatings on pulp board, polyethylene film/foam, induction seal, etc. There are also linerless closure designs. Your NACD partner can help you evaluate the options and select a closure liner system that is appropriate for the contents of your package.