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Industry Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Advisory Council is to offer cutting edge information and recommendations creating maximum value for customers, distributors and manufacturers resulting in the long-term profitable growth of the NACD members and Supporting Suppliers. 

Conflict Resolution & Recommended Practices.

The NACD Industry Advisory Council is committed to growing and developing valuable relationships between member distributors and suppliers. Situations occasionally arise that threaten the fluid nature of these relationships.

The IAC has developed multiple scenarios that distributors and suppliers might find challenging in today's business climate. Please use these scenarios as a guide to open a line of communication when these issues arise. The issues raised and recommended approaches may serve as the first step in resolution. The Conflict Resolution Process document is available here.

The NACD Board and IAC have also revised NACD's Distributor-Supplier Recommended Practices. This is also a tool to help distributors and suppliers communicate with one another. That Distributor-Supplier Recomemded Practices document is available here.